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The Camp Four Paws Adoption Center mission is to find safe loving homes for wonderful dogs. Some of these sweet pups have been through a lot and it's time for a permanent loving home. Camp Four Paws is committed to these dogs for life. If you ever have problems with them we are here to help you or direct you. If something goes wrong and you can no longer keep the dog we will always take the dog back. There is no 90 day return policy here as we are completely committed to these dogs for life.


Just Adopted

Emma is a sweet, energetic pug that loves going on walks, short hikes, and play time- she just wants somebody to love! This sweet little girl is just as happy being carried around in your arms as she is stretched out by your side for nap time. She is perfect for a single dog family who can give her the love and attention she needs.

Emma is about 2 years old, and petite.


Ponya is our most recent addition to our adoptable dogs at Camp Four Paws! She is a 9 year old pug, and full of love and affection for the right family. Ponya would likely do well in a household with larger dogs, or in a single dog family. She loves to go on car rides, play around outside, or just hang out with you. Take this delightful girl home and have a sweet companion for life!

For additional adoption information please contact Camp Four Paws at 925-672-9255
or check out PugPros.ORG for more info about other wonderful Pugs.

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