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What to Bring to Camp Four Paws

  1. Food: In zip lock bags no bigger than 1 gallon labeled with the dog’s name and the exact amount to feed in 8 oz. cups. (i.e., Fido, 1 cup). We feed twice a day.
  2. Medicines, if needed. Pill organizers are helpful. Help us by being prepared if your dog has allergies. ( i.e., 1 benedryl x 2/1 fish oil x 2) Please get instructions from your Vet.
  3. Vaccination Record: Please attach a copy to your original paperwork. Then, bring in a copy every time you visit. We must be strict about this.  A $10 verification fee will apply if we need to check with your vet.  Please get vaccinations at least one month before coming if the dog is due. Dogs given modified live vaccines (intranasal) within 14 days of visiting will need
    quarantine for a few days.
  4. Happy Dog: Ready to play and play and play…or just sun themselves and get hip scratches!
  5. Please Do Not Bring: Food bowls, valued toys, things you’d be sad if you didn’t get back. We will provide plenty of extra clean warm snuggly blankets.

For directions, see our directions page.

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